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Mortgage lenders are asking a lot of questions these days. Home Buyers expect to turn in pay stubs and bank account information. Lenders are expecting and asking buyers to hand over items of interest right before the closing. I have seen underwriters asking for some crazy stuff recently — asking buyers to provide their college diplomas, their college transcripts, and two years of tax returns. You may have to document that any income you claim will continue on for the future of the loan. If you are getting gift money from parents or friends, you will need to provide a letter explaining it. If there has been a divorce in the past for a buyer, the lender will want to see the divorce decree. If you are including child support or alimony as income you will need some hard proof that the income will continue.

Every borrower today needs to be prepared to answer almost anything a mortgage lender asks, but if you feel you are being asked inappropriate questions you should ask your lender some questions in return and perhaps find another lender. At RREA we offer you an in-house lender named Allen Harry. He works out of our RREA Office part of the week. If you are ready to apply for a loan, call Allen. He can get you pre-approved. … to 100m da pra comprar viagra sem receita best diet for seroquel is good viagra apo candesartan 16 mg lisinopril in walgreens amoxicillin dogs …

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