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This is Part IV on the changes that are taking place January 1, 2012 to Texas Laws that affect real estate professionals, property owners, and tenants.  You can read the first three parts of the series on the RREA Blog.  This is the final part of the series and below addresses the appeals for appraisals.

Many homeowners appeal their property appraisals every year to lower their taxes.  The changes to the Texas Laws for property owners in Collin, Denton, Fort Bend, and Montgomery Counties affect those properties that are worth more than $1 Million.  Property owners of properties over $1 Million can now appeal their property appraisals throught the State Office of Administrative Hearings rather than taking that appeal to district court.  Property owners in Bexar, Cameron, El Paso, Harris, Tarrant, and Travis counties were given that option two years ago.

To find out more information on appealing your taxes, contact your local Realtor.  Realtors have access to the comparable properties in your area that can help you fight your taxes.  Give us a call at RREA if you would like a market analysis of your property – 281.288.3500.




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