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I found it very hard in today’s real estate market to choose a broker.  I recommend you interview as many as possible.  Most of them are going to promote their training.  Training is important, with the way the world has changed with social media, and marketing.  Please don’t dismiss the training, but the real question is what they are going to do to help promote you.  There are so many different options out there.  The traditional brokers with national recognition, large franchises, local brokers, and now the virtual broker.  The most important thing is to find the one that fits your business plan.

I will share a little of my search for the best broker for me.  I was searching for a company that could help me learn what to do. I had never marketed myself; my prior experience had always been a product or a service.  I wanted a company that wanted me to be successful, and I was not in competition all the time for
business.  I was not interested in paying large monthly fee, or paying large percentage for leads.  The split with the broker was important, but until I was established, I was willing to give a little up.

I found the perfect Broker for my business plan.  Cutting edge technology, weekly
training, good leads, and a helping hand. I was sold, and as my business picks up, I can renegotiate my
split.  My business has never been better.  Do yourself a favor, and go to and, and check them out. You have never seen anything like it, and I don’t care how long you have been it the business.

I hope this blog helps with you finding the right broker as I did.

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  • Patricia

    Thank you for your article. It’s very useful. I’m searching for a broker as well. I wish to become a famous real estate agent like Michael Libow for example. So i want to work for a successful company as well. Hope that my dream will come true. thanks again!

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