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Over the years many clients have asked for my advice when it comes to choosing a mortgage lender.  Usually they have been trained either by the media or previous lenders and Realtors to compare interest rates.  There is a lot more to comparing lenders than just comparing interest rates.  Sometimes a low interest rate can come with high fees and other problems.  The big question in today’s market should be, “Can this lender get this deal done?”  So many lenders cannot get the loan closed on time, and sometimes cannot ever get it to close.  The worst thing for a buyer is to have invested time and money in a home they have their heart set on purchasing and the deal falls apart before closing because of their lender.  I have seen lenders go out of business, I have seen lenders change the terms they had promised buyers, and I have seen lenders unable to qualify a buyer they previously had qualified for a loan.  I rely heavily on RREA’s in-house lender, Terry Traylor.  That’s because I know Terry and he has closed many loans for my clients in the past.  Terry is available if I need to get in touch with him or have questions.  Terry shows up to closings for my buyers.  If Terry can get someone pre-approved, I know I can count on him to close the deal on time.  Our RREA in house lender offers very competitive rates and you can trust him to get your loan closed on time.  If you would like to get pre-approved for a mortgage, you can apply online at and complete the loan application and you’ll hear back about your loan approval the same day.  Terry Traylor offers exemplary service, or he would not be part of the team at Register Real Estate Advisors.  When you are considering which lender to use, make sure you choose a lender that will close their loan on time, as promised.  You want a lender with experience and the ability to manage the guidelines and every changing regulations within the lending industry.  You also want someone that will communicate with you regularly and with your Realtor so that the entire process closes smoothly.

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