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Maybe they aren’t so much “design problems” as they are “staging issues.” If you are planning to sale your home this spring or summer, here are some ideas to help you. These are inexpensive ideas that can easily be implimented to help your home show and sell easier and faster for the maximum amount of money.

We all know that when you renevate a bathroom or kitchen you add value to a home. But what about just adding some decorative knobs to the cabinets or restaining the front of your current cabinets? You can replace laminate countertops with corian without spending the amount of money you would spend on granite. Some corian countertops even look like granite. Adding under the counter lighting and over the counter lighting can change the ambiance in the room, but using rope lights, it won’t cost you that much. They will be hidden, so who cares what they look like! New faucets are always nice. Did you know that some name brand faucets offer lifetime warranties? So if yours has simply rusted out or is leaking, you may be able to get a free one from the manufacturer and just pay for the labor to install it.

Outside it’s much easier to repaint the garage door instead of replacing it. Same goes for restaining the front door. Planting some inexpensive annuals can really increase the curb appeal and spruce up the landscaping. Fresh mulch is another that helps sparse flower beds.

Inside the home it doesn’t cost anything for you to declutter. If you know you will be moving, why not start packing and make the home mmore appealing to buyers? You can add inexpensive shelving to the laundry room for easy buyer appeal. Everyone wants more space for stacking laundry, storing the iron, and containing that laundry detergent. The Container Store offers many organizational items that help the home to function better and appear more organized and less cluttered.

If your home needs more space, consider building out some of the attic space, instead of adding on to the home. This can be much more cost effective.

Our RREA blog offers lots of tips to both buyers and sellers. We hope you will join us each week for our “White Board Monday” that gives you consumer real estate tips in the form of a video. As always, if our agents can help you with your buying or selling needs, please contact us at 281.288.3500.

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