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Did you know that Veterans with qualifying service-connected disabilities are eligible to have some of their property taxes waived?  Yes, Veterans with disabilities can get property tax exemptions!  To qualify you need to be a Veteran with the following service-connected disability rating:

  • 10%-30% – First $5,000 of appraised value
  • 30%-50% – First $7,500 of appraised value
  • 50%-70% – First $10,000 of appraised value
  • 70% & over – First $12,000 of appraised value
  • 100% Rating or Individual Unemployability – 100% of appraised value

These are some other qualifications:

  • Surviving spouses & kids who are not married that are under the age of 21 (parent had to die on active duty) – exemption of the first $5,000 on the appraised value of their property.
  • Veterans who have a disability  rating of 10% or higher & who are 65 years or older are entitled to the maximum property tax exemption.
  • Veteran whose disability consists of the loss of use of one or more limbs or total blindness in one or both eyes is entitled to the maximum exemption of $12,000.
  • The surviving spouse of a deceased veteran, who at the time of death had a compensable disability & was entitled to an exemption, is also entitled to that exemption if the surviving spouse is unmarried but cannot receive 100% exemption.
  • The exemption applies to the property until it changes ownership or the person’s qualification for the exemption changes.

To qualify for any exemption as a disabled Veteran you will need to complete a Form 50-135 & mail it to the County Appraisal District.  Proof of eligibility must accompany the application.  Applications for the exemption must be completed between January 1 and April 30.



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