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So you have made the decision to buy a home?  Congratulations!  Buying a home is always exciting and can be very emotional too.  To help you make this process go smoother, a pre-approval letter is definitely recommended as it provides you many benefits by having one.  Be prepared to give lenders the documents they need in a timely manner.

The documents generally needed for the pre-approval process is as easy as 1…2…3…

1…month of pay stubs
2…years tax returns and W2’s
3…months of bank statements

I suggest keeping these documents in a file where it is easily accessible when you are asked for them.  Lenders may (and most likely will) ask for further information and for other documents as everyone’s situation is different.  If lenders do ask you for more information and documents, place those in the file as well.  Stay a step ahead and don’t wait for lenders to ask you for these documents. Fish for them in your sea of paperwork now.  It definitely makes for a much smoother pre-approval process.

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