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As a real estate agent, many people ask me whether they should put a pool in at their existing home or buy a resale home that already has a pool.  A pool adds very little, if any, value to a home.  So usually it’s cheaper to buy an existing home that has a pool instead of putting in a new pool.  However, to get the outdoor living space that you want and the indoor floorplan that will meet your family’s needs, you may have to put in your own pool.  Otherwise, you may have to make some compromises.

Outdoor living spaces have become very popular and are relaxing and fun for many families.  If you are going to add a new pool to your home, make sure you choose the right pool for your house.  It’s not just about your budget, but also your style and personality.  You will be limited by backyard space and layout.  Think about the purpose of your pool – to entertain, to exercise, or for play.

Look for professional qualifications in your pool builder.  Make sure they are a Certified Building Professional (CBP.)  This will ensure they are certified by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals which is the largest trade association for pools and spas.  You want your pool to be safe and be built with the best standards and most up to date technology.  You will need to decide whether you prefer a chlorine or salt water pool.  Weigh the costs and pros and cons.  You’ll also need to think about the landscaping around the pool and whether you will add decking or fencing or water features and fiber optic lights.  Pools can be made of fiberglass, gunite, vinyl, and come in many shapes and sizes and depths.   There are beach entries, steps, and ladder entries.  You will have a lot of decisions to make!

With summer on it’s way, these are all decisions you need to make now if you want to enjoy a backyard pool this hot Texas summer!  If you would prefer to save some money and purchase a resale home that already has a pool, call RREA and we can help you find the right home with the best outdoor living space for your family – 281.288.3500.





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