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1.A� Price it Right.A� Set a price at the lower end of your property’s realistic price range.

2.A� Get your house market-ready for at least two weeks before you begin showing it.

3.A� Be flexible about showings.A� It’s often disruptive to haveaA� house ready to show on the spur of the moment, but the more often someone can see your home, the sooner you’ll find a seller.

4.A� Be ready for the offers.A� Decide in advance what price and terms you’ll find acceptable.

5.A� Don’t refuse to drop the price.A� If your home has been on the market for more than 30 days without an offer, be prepared to lower your asking price.

Reprinted from REALTOR Magazine Online by permission of the National Association of REALTORS.A� Copyright 2005.A� All rights reserved.A� casodex generic side effects buy pills order levlen without prescription amoxicillin clavulanate lowest price

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