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Colby Sambrott, founder and former CEO of sold his home using a real estate professional! Initially, Sambrott listed his 2,000 square foot New York condo through online classified ads and FSBO sites. However, after six months, he opted to hire New York broker Jesse Buckler to get the job done. After giving up on the DIY route, Sambrotto’s decision to hire a professional led to attracting multiple offers, closing for $150,000 over the original asking price. The Wall Street Journal reports the listing sold for $2.15 million including a 6% commission. This scenario stands as an enormous validation of the real estate profession. And while the irony exists, it’s undeniable that the former FSBO CEO made a good financial decision. This is not a new dilemma faced by homeowners though. Over 80% of the FSBO’s eventually have to list with a real estate agent to get their house sold.

As a Realtor specializing in north Houston, I love working with FSBOs! If you want to give it a try on your own, there are many tips I can share which you will find helpful. However, if you’re tired of working long hours and spending marketing money without results, I would love to help you! Call me today at (832)483-1808 to schedule an appointment. I will customize your marketing plan to save you both time and money!

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