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You can take these small steps to get a buyer interested in your home, before they walk in the door!
Take a note pad and walk outside to the front of your house.  Look at the house from top to bottom, side to side.  Make notes on the things that you notice so that you’ll have the to do list all ready.  Here are the steps to be sure and make notes on:
1.  Check the paint on the house, as well as the doors and trim.
2.  Check the windows for cracks and cobwebs, and torn screens.
3.  Check the roof for debris and moss, and gutters too.
4.  Check trees and shrubs they may need to be pruned away from the doors and all the windows.
5.  Check the weeds and mulch in beds.
6.  Check to see what items can be removed from around the house.
7.  Check your patio furniture and remove any broken items.
Now you have a great start to cleaning the outside of your house.  When you list your house for sell with me I’ll give you a free landscape consultation. Call Elizabeth Finch, ASP @ 832-360-7320

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