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This is a Reprint of an Article from Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Outdoor Living Fall 2011 Magazine titled:

Gardening Almanac

Your gardening guide to what to do in the Gulf Coast Region and when to do it:


–         PLANT
warm-season veggies—green beans, pole beans, and peppers can still produce
before winter.

–         ADD
heat-tolerant rosemary, mints, and oregano to pots and edible spaces.

–         MONITOR
your lawn closely for persistent insects such as sod webworms and chinch bugs.

–         TRANSPLANT
bulbs and divide perennials if too large or needing rejuvenation.


–         FERTILIZE
shrubs and ornamentals.  Use a slow- or
time-released fertilizer for the last time this season.

–         SOW
seeds of winter crops directly in the ground:
broccoli; collards; cabbage; lettuce; and, radish.

–         PLANT
bulbs for spring bloom, including stalwarts such as lilies, agapanthus,
zephyranthes, and amaryllis.


–         INSPECT
your poinsettias, which can be quickly defoliated by hornworms.  Handpick pests and drop them in soapy water.

–         INCREASE
fall color.  Add mass plants of
cool-season pansies and snapdragons as focal points.

–         PLANT
trees and shrubs in the fall—the perfect time—so they can establish roots
before hot, dry spring weather.


–         PLANT
veggies.  Sow these in succession for extended
harvest:  carrots; lettuce; spinach; and,

–         TEST
your soil.  Prepare for new spring
plantings by knowing what amendments are needed.

–         ENJOY
herbs such as basil, cilantro, dill, and fennel.  They appreciate the cooler, dryer weather.

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