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As a Green designated realtor I am always searching for new updates in the Green market with new homebuilders.  This week I sat down with a local Houston builder and talked about the Green features that go into their homes, The builder is GreenECO, the builders representative, Jeff and I talked quite extensively about the Green features that were added in the building of their homes.  

We started with the roof, as you know the roof has the sun beaming down on it all day so GreenECO uses an LP product called TechShield. This is a standard feature that is used in the designing your roof that reduces the heat entering your attic by up to 17 percent. This product has a radiant barrier built into the other side of the roof decking that is facing your attic, the radiant barrier is perforated to allow the exchange or flow of moisture that occurs during the building process which will stop the growth of mold. TechShield is also an energy star product and if you click on the hyperlinks above it will take you to the LP website and show you in detail the Green features that were used in the design and development of the their product.

When consumers’ think of Green the first thing they tend to think of are windows.  This is the feature that impressed me the most with GeenECO. Most new homebuilders will keep the window orders the same for the whole community.  GreenECO orders windows by home so when the technology changes they are at the forefront of ECO change.  The window will look the same on the outside but might have a different ECO footprint inside.  The reason for this is the window industry is constantly improving the efficiency of windows and as a Green homebuilder they will pass on the new efficiencies to you the homeowner.  

I will continue in future blogs with more Green tips and more Green features that are in GreenECO homes and if you or your friends are interested in seeing a GreenECO home you can contact me at or 936.777.2265

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