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When you are purchasing a home, there are hidden defects that you will want to look for.A� Your seller will give you a disclosure statement to read over that will indicate any past problems that they are aware of in the house.A� However, if it’s a foreclosure, the bank has never lived in the house and does not have to supply you withA�a disclosure statement.A� I always encourage my buyers to get an inspection because the inspector is licensed and knows what to look for in the property.A� You also want to be on the lookout for water leaks, foundation issues, drainage problems, termites, roof issues, potential wiring problems, and plumbing issues.A� Stains on ceilings and near baseboards can be indicative of water leaks.A� Large cracks in the homes foundation and horizontal cracks in walls and ceilings can indicate shifting in the foundation.A� Look for standing water, either around the foundation of the home or in the yard.A� You will want to have an exterminator check for termites.A� Your inspector will be looking for broken or missing copings and buckled shingles.A� They will also check to make sure the property does not have an antiquated fuse box andA�outlets without a place to plug in the grounding prong.A� Make sure you check water pressure in showers, faucets and outside water pressure.A� Also listen for banging in pipes.A� These are all things you want to be watching out for when you are purchasing a home.A� In addition to a home inspector checking out the property, you might want to have a certified HVAC dealer check out the heating and air conditioning systems in the home. purchase nolvadex no prescription

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