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As of January 2010, the Houston Housing Finance Corporation initiated a new mortgage program which features low interst loans with closing costs and down payment assistance available to eligible homebuyers for the purchase of a residence within the corporate limits of the City of Houston.

Eligibility Guidelines:
• Homes must be located w/in boundaries of & accrue taxes to the City of Houston, TX
• Borrowers must meet normal mortgage underwriting requirements with demonstrated creditworthiness
• Borrowers must occupy the purchased home as their principal residence
• Maximum Purchase Price Limits on New or Existing Homes is $316,177.00
• Maximum Income Limits for families of two or less are $76,560.00 and for families of more than three $89,320.00

A list of participating lenders:
• Bank of America, N.A. Scott Brown 281.517.3613
• Cornerstone Mortgage Tessie Rush 281.840.1995
• DHI Mortgage Company, Ltd. Darrell Cooke 281.465.2040
• Flagstone Lending Group David Jackson 713.802.7033
• SWBC Mortgage Corp. John Bradley 281.480.3700

You can find more participating lenders and get more information by visiting . Their direct phone number is 713.461.2749.

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