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Did you know that nearly half of all the jobs since 2009 were created in Texas?  I feel blessed to live and work in the great state of Texas.  The annual economic output of Texas exceeds one trillion dollars and that number seems to be growing even in this economy.  Texas is a huge state.  Did you know that if the entire seven billion people in the world move to Texas there would be more than 1,100 square feet for every person on the planet.  According to the 2010 Census, Texas had over 25 million residents.  By 2030 Texas is stimated that it will grow to 40 million residents.  It seems like everyone wants to move to Texas and join us!  That can be compared to unloading four jumbo jets in Texas every day for the next 19 years.  To learn more about Texas current market facts you can view the new Texaplex Video on our blog that will post tomorrow!

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