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Let me start by telling you how NOT to pick a real estate agent. Do not call a real estate company and pick the first agent that answers the phone. Don’t let a relocation company assign an agent to you.

Is that how you’d pick a doctor, a dentist, or even an item you’re buying?

There are many real estate companies and many real estate agents. All agents are not Realtors.A� Only Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors.A� Carefully select the agent you are going to use. Buying or selling a home is a big decision. Selling is the most important because how the agent markets your home will be the difference between selling and sitting on the market showing and never selling. After your home sits on the market for a year without selling, it becomes increasingly harder to sell and you are most likely not going to maximize your value after sitting on the market forA�over aA�year.A� Plus, you’re going to be really frustrated!A� Do some homework on the internet and figure out who specializes in your area. If you are moving out of town, ask a trusted Realtor for a referral to an agent that specializes in the market you are moving to.

It amazes me how many people walk into a builder’s model home and look at what they offer and pick a house and sign a contract. STOP! You have no representation when you do that. You have no one looking out for your best interest or reading the fine lines in the contract or negotiating a better deal for you or asking hard questions on your behalf.

The reputation, distrust and dislike for Realtors in our culture pains me. Unlike car sales man and investment bankers, we actually have to follow a strict code of conduct. We actually have a duty to disclose information to our clients.A� We have to follow high standards, but it is our service that varies between agents.

When you need a Realtor there are several things you should think about. First, why do you need a Realtor? If you are a buyer your main concerns should be with finding an agent that knows the market where you are moving and can find you the property that meets your search criteria. If you are a seller, you will want a Realtor that can price the house right, has an outstanding marketing plan and negotiating skills. You want that Realtor to get your home sold in the least amount of time and maximize your value.A� Ask them about their Realtor designations, education level, continuing education, their broker, their communication style, availability, and what services they can offer you.A� Negotiating skills are also very important.

Many real estateA�companies have a phone desk at their office where people call in about houses and agents are answering the phone. I sit on “property desk” a few hours every month.A� Sometimes buyers call in, they make an appointment, and we go see the property. Then they buy it. They just randomly called in and happened to get a me – a good agent.A� But there are bad agents out there and I always think about the fact that they could have gotten a bad agent. You want an agent that will truely represent your needs and work for you in your best interest.A� You want someone that will keep you updated and stay in communication.A� BuyingA�or selling a home is a big decision. Don’t leave it to chance. Choose a Realtor that you will enjoy working with that has been educated and is a leader in the real estate industry.

Nomatter where you live, if you need help choosing a good agent, call me. I can help you find a good agent nomatter where you live or where you’re moving to. I have built a great network of Realtors that I trust to take great care of my clients. If you are buying or selling in The Woodlands, Spring, or anywhere in Northwest Houston, I’d like toA�helpA�you about your real estate needs. Google my name and read about me on my website.A� I offer informative videos, information, news, and you can search the entire Houston Multiple Listing Service on my site.A� I want you to have the best real estate representation you can get, so don’t leave your home buying and selling to chance.A� Call me today to see how I can help you Buy or Sell.

832.628.SELL – DirectA�A�

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