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Paint Color is important when selling a home because color can determine the mood of the rooms in the house.  It can give a home it’s warmth or make it seem too stark and cold.  You want your buyers to feel welcome and comfortable in all of the rooms of your home when it is showing.  As a Realtor I have the opportunity to see many homes of the same floorplan and it’s interesting that although they may all be the same floorplan, I will like one more than the others because of the way it makes me feel and that is mostly due to paint color and some home staging.  If you study what paint colors do the human body, you can find out some strange things.  For example, blue can slow your heart rate while green has a soothing effect.  Many baby rooms are painted yellow and it’s a great color that makes you feel optimistic and happy.  My kids have a red bedroom.  Although I know it’s going to be hard to paint over when we move, it seems to make my children happy.  Red is associated with a faster hart beat and excitement and passion.  Many girls rooms are painted purple.  Do you think it really does stimulate brain activity?  Many builders stick to neutral earth tones.  White is said to convey peace and spaciousness.  Rarely do you see black painted in a home.  Sometimes you will see many shades of the same color (using accent walls and art niches.)  When you get ready to sell your home, consult with your Realtor about your paint in your home.  You want it to be a fresh coat and you want it to make buyers feel like  buying!