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I have found that most people choose a realtor by referral from a friend someone they know, or belong to the same organization or church. This may be one of the most important transactions in your life.

Here are a few tips I would recommend. Look them up on Google, Facebook; learn a little bit about the person. The way real estate is marketed today has changed from the past. It is not only in real estate magazine, newspapers, and flyers, or on the internet. Social Media is a big part of the real estate industry today. Your realtor needs to be up on all the latest technology, to find you a home or sell yours. Communication is a very big part of working with a realtor. Find someone that is going to communicate with you on regular bases. There are many forms of communications now days. Texting, twitter, Facebook, email and the telephone calls. There should be no reason; if you have a question or concern you should not be able to get in touch with your realtor. If you’re a seller, it’s not all about negotiating the lowest commission rate. The quality of service you get is the most important thing. Look for someone that is going to partner with you to sell your home. Buyer should look for someone that will listen to what you want and educate you on helping you find it. I hope these few tips have been helpful.

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  • Stephonie Kirby

    Another great way to “check references” on a prospective Realtor, call the best title company in the area you’re looking to buy in. We work with thousands of local Realtors year in and year out helping to get transactions to close.

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