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It’s been extremely hot already all over the country this summer. Here are a few tips on keeping your energy cost down, and preventing unexpected repairs. The change in the law on Freon makes HVAC repairs very costly. Make sure you change all your filters in your air returns on monthly bases. The costs of filters are inexpensive. You don’t have to buy the high price ones. You can go to your local hardware, or do it yourself store, and buy a pack of three for under $10 in most cases. Maintain you outside condenser unit. First go to your electrical breaker box, and turn the power off to the unit. Take a garden hose, and spray the fins you see on the outside of the unit. These are cooling fins for the Freon that circulate though the outside unit and also go to your furnace that keeps your house cool. These fins get dirty which causes your ac unit to work harder. Which use more energy, which results in a higher electric bill. Also it puts undo stress on your compressor that shortens its life. Some outside units are totally enclosed, and you cannot clean the fins yourself, if you have a unit like that. Please call a HVAC to come out and clean for you. The best practice is to have this done twice a year. Most companies today will sell you a yearly preventive maintenance agreement. Buy one believe me you will be very happy you did. I hope you find this information helpful. Remember change those filters monthly.

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