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When buyers are looking for a new home a sprinkler system is usually the last thing they think about.A� However, a sprinkler system is important not only for the home’s landscaping appeal, but for the foundation of the home.A� Most people do not think about watering their foundation, butA�when drought conditions plague the Houston area our foundations are in danger of cracking.A� Dry hot weather conditions can lead to dryness in the soil around theA�slab which can lead to costly repairs in the future.A� Using an automatic watering system is an easy way to do preventative maintenance on your home’s foundation so that it won’t crack in the future.A� Foundation repairs can be the most expensive repair on a home.A� If you see cracks in your yard or the soil drawing away from the concrete slab at the edge of your house or the house you plan to buy keep in mind that can lead to foundation problems.A� I recommend buying a home withA�an automatic sprinkler system so you don’t need to use soaker hoses to moisten the soil around the foundation during the heat of Texas summers.A� Unfortunately, some area declare water rations and you cannot water your yard.A� I understand water concervation, but if you can water your yard every few days in the dry summer months it could save you a lot of money down the road while keeping your landscaping lush and green. aleve cost per pill tegretol price increase pills online viagra for sale buy pills

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