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Oh YES – Curb appeal is very important year ’round! Curb appeal is the first thing buyer’s see and they won’t even go in the house if they don’t like what they see outside.

Seller’s need to be prepared for harsh criticism. As a Realtor, I see many front doors that need to be refinished, many house numbers that are falling off the bricks, lots of dead plants, dead grass, mailboxes barely standing upright, and walkways covered in leaves. You want your home to look like it’s been well cared for and maintained.

Below are a few quick fixes you’ll want to do before placing your home on the market for sale:

Replacing the hardware on your front door
Wash the windows inside and out
Remove the screens from the windows
Add flowers
Paint the shutters
Repaint the garage door
Clean up driveway stains
Repair squeaky garage doors
Make your front porch inviting with a table and chairs
Add a potted plant to the front porch
Power wash everything outside

If the home will be shown at night don’t forget to leave the lights on. Consider leaving them on a timer. Landscape and pool lights are a nice touch.

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