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Our Coldwell Banker, United in house mortgage advisor’s Current Rate Index indicates rates are down for Jumbo Loans.  Special pricing for today’s Jumbo Loan follows:

  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Principle and Interest:  6.375% with 0 points
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Principle and Interest: 6.875% with 0 points
  • 30 Year Fixed Interest Only: 7.125% with points

Now is the time to buy your Houston Area Dream Home.  Everybody knows it’s a buyers market and there is plenty of inventory available.  If you have cash, and you should if you’re buying a luxury home, now is the time to lock in your rates to buy in this area.   Although the stock market is wavering, our housing market is only off about twenty percent.  Oil prices are still way above sixty dollars a barrel.  Houston is a boomtown compared to the stagnating economies of the New England states and Housing Crisis on the West Coast.  I understand the current political worries of an election year, but as we move forward into 2009 I am optimistic that the market will begin to stabilize nationwide.  These rates will go back up.  Call me today so you can get locked in.  I can meet you at your dream home today.  All you have to do is make the call.

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