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Bentwater on the North Shore has always been about living in a luxurious golf and country club community, but there are other communities around the lake that also showcase luxury, golf, tennis, and the spa and country club lifestyle.  Fifteen percent of the homes listed on Lake Conroe are priced between $1 Million and $2 Million Dollars.  Three percent of the homes listing on Lake Conroe are priced above $2 Million Dollars.  So while about 20% of the homes are very luxurious, most buyers prefer the $500-$600 Thousand Dollar Price Point.  About 23% of the homes for sale on Lake Conroe are between $500,000-$749,999.  Although this price point is not considered luxury for Houston, it is a very nice home usually in a community with highly sought after amenities.  The luxury price point for Houston right now is $750,000 and up.  About 12% of the homes on the lake are between $750,000-$1,000,000 fitting into the luxury price point.  The largest percentage of homes for sale on the lake set closer to Houston’s average price point, in the $250,000-$500,000 price range.  Eighteen percent of homes for sale on Lake Conroe are around $250,000.  So whatever your price point, you can still live on or near the lake in a community that offers amenities.

Whether you’re looking for luxury on Lake Conroe, Golf, Tennis, Spa, or the Country Club lifestyle, we can help you find it.  Melinda Zuber and Shannon Register specialize in Bentwater on Lake Conroe, Ginger Robbins specializes in Walden, Ellen Hogen specializes in April Sound and Robyn Scharlach specializes in Bentwater and other lake living communities.  You can reach any of these agents at 281-288-3500 or info@

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