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Are you heading to Lake Conroe this weekend?  Here are some facts that you might find interesting:  Highway 105 crosses at the southern edge of the lake, FM 1375 on the northern edge, and FM1097 slices through the middle.  The length of Lake Conroe is 19 miles, while the width is 5 miles.  Planning for the water reservoir came about after a 7 year drought in the 1950’s.  Building the dam started in 1968 and the project was completed in 1973.  The project was a joint venture with the City of Houston, which has rights to 2/3 of the water supply in the reservoir.  This explains why, during the drought of 2011, the City of Houston was permitted to drain off water from an already low lake because they needed the water supply.  November 20, 2011 the Mayor’s office announced that the City of Houston would suspend the release of water.  Now we watch and wait for the water to rise.

Can projections be made to adequately give us a time frame of how long it will take our parched lake to return to normal?  No!  January 10th, 2012 the San Jacinto River Authority posted a report titled, “Lake Conroe’s Level Rebounds.”  Blake Kellum, the Lake Conroe Division Manager, reports that 2-4 inches of rainfall that week had risen Lake Conroe’s level approximately 3/4 of a foot to an elevation of 193.79 mean sea level (normal pool is 201msl).  This report can be found at under “Quick Links” select “Lake Conroe – Lake Report”  The San Jacinto River Authority holds fast to any predictions of what length of time for us to see a normal lake level will be false.  It all depends on how much rain, how often we have rain, and how fast the rain falls. As a matter of fact, simply while writing this blog the website has reported a rise of the lake to 194.07msl!  This is good news, check the website often for up to date information and reports.

If you are planning on bringing your boat be sure to check the San Jacinto River Authority website  for the list of Public Boat Ramps Open.  Currently they are listing Kagle Recreation Area, Lakeview, and Stow-A-Way Marina as Open boat ramps.  There is also a google map tab on the website to help you locate the open and also the closed ramps.  You will find phone numbers for many of the ramp sites.  I suggest calling before you arrive to confirm information.

Now that we have covered the facts of Lake Conroe let’s take a moment to review some of the facts of Real Estate in the Conroe, Montgomery and Willis market areas that have communities on the lake front.  After reviewing Sold statistics from the summer 0f 2006  and the last 6 months I am finding that property on the lakefront is lowered by approximately $15 – $20 per square foot.  Those statistics were gathered from a prestige golf course community, with properties situated on Lake Conroe.  Does this mean that Buyers can automatically think all Sellers will reduce their asking prices?  No!  A Buyer needs an experienced Buyer’s Representative to help them compare Sold statistics in the neighborhood in order to place a reasonable offer and negotiate a purchase.  Many of the Luxury home sites are reducing the selling price by thousands of dollars.  While more modestly price homes, that are priced correctly on MLS are selling right on the money of the list price in MLS.  Do not assume that you can automatically place a low offer and have it accepted by the seller.  This is where the knowledge from your Realtor® becomes very important.

I would love to be your Realtor® for the Lake Conroe area in Conroe, Montgomery or Willis.  Let’s talk about whether you are looking for a second home with characteristic and extreme get away quietness from the hustle and bustle of city life … maybe a log home community tucked away in the tall pines of the Sam Houston National  Forest (Wildwood Shores), or perhaps you telecommute and would like the views of the forest while not being quite as far away (Corinthian Point).  Are you looking for a maned gated community off 1097 (Point Aquarius)?  Do you want golf course, social clubs and lake amenities (April Sound or Bentwater)?  Perhaps some where you could live year round with reasonable commuting drives into the City of Houston (White Oak Landing or Longmire on the Lake),  These are just a few of my suggestions.  We need to sit down and talk about your Dream Home on Lake Conroe so that I can help you shop for that special location!

Standing by to be your Realtor® …Call now Judy Reynolds at 936-203-7761!

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