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Three Rules of Business a Flood Doesna��t Follow:
You know the three rules of business: Location. Location. Location.

A flood isna��t so discriminating though. No matter where you are, a flood can wreak havoc on your business. Given that flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the U.S. and that 25% of businesses that close their doors during a disaster never reopen them, you need to know your options.

Three Options:
In 2008 alone, the average paid commercial flood claim was more than $85,000. This kind of financial burden would rest squarely on your shoulders. Are you prepared for that?

You secure a small business loan. But do you additional debt at a time when your business is already in trouble?

You get flood insurance. This is the best possible option. A flood insurance policy will cover your looses for a fraction of the cost it would take to repair them. And ita��s surprisingly affordable. With new options, you can insure the building and contents or contents only. And that starts at just $145 a year for $50,000 in content coverage.

Three Things To Do:
a�? Learn more about flood insurance coverage.
a�? Contact an agent today.
a�? And lastly, the most important. Dona��t wait until ita��s too late.

Go to how can i get some acyclovir today or call 1-888-724-6409.

Warning: A? of all flood claims come from low-to-moderate risk areas.

**This information was distributed first by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.**
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