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It’s next week folks! My countdown has begun. By the way, if you are a Mercer Society Member shopping begins on Thursday. I have shopped this plant sale almost every year since 1995. The volunteers have marked the plants to help customers find what draws the butterflies and hummingbirds.

Take along your garden wagons so that you can load up and wheel your treasured items back to your vehicle. If you don’t have a garden cart, never fear, there are some available to rent. Park on the west side of Aldine Westfield. Be prepared for lots of crowded people and have your patience with a smile then you will be guaranteed a fantastically fun adventure. You’ve heard the saying, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm?” Well, The Early Bird get the Treasured Plants! Go early, spend all your money, then go again the next day to make sure you didn’t miss anything, Happy Planting!

If you don’t have some ground to put your beautiful garden flowers, then call me. I am standing by to be your Realtor® and help you find your dream home!

CLICK HERE to see more information.

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