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Missed Mortgage Payments? Expect More Calls from Your Lender

If you’re late on your mortgage payment, it won’t be so easy to ignore those calls from your loan servicer anymore.

That’s because your loan servicer will now get paid to contact you—and be more persistent—with phone calls, emails, and letters concerning your missed mortgage payments.

Under the new FHFA Servicing Alignment Initiative for delinquent loans owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, procedures for default prevention will now be standardized and loan servicers will receive incentive pay for reaching out to borrowers when they fall behind on their payments.

Calls to borrowers will begin within 3 days of delinquency.

Believe it or not this is good news for distressed homeowners. Loan servicers are now expected to go the extra distance to help them find an alternative to foreclosure.

Read more about the Guidelines for Default Prevention

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