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Are you planning a move or relocation to Old Town Spring in Texas? This is a quaint little town that offers a lot of history. Originally settled by Indians, then a trading post, this community has always been a productive trading ground. Today you will find many shops in Old Town Spring.

As for the history…after the Civil War the railroads expanded all over southern Texas. In the late 1800’s Houston saw rapid industrialization and laid many rail road tracks. It is said that Spring was named by railroad workers who were laying tracks in the area. When they reached this area, it was springtime and they were so excited about winter ending they referred to it as “Camp Spring.” It later became a settlement and the word camp was dropped from the name.

Spring experienced steady economic growth while the rest of the nation struggled. In the early 1900’s, Spring became a crossroads for two intersecting railroad lines and added a roundhouse and 14 track yards. Businesses began relocating to Spring. One of the original businesses was Wunsche Bros. Cafe’ and Saloon which is still serving the local residents of Spring, Texas today. By 1923 the railroad relocated their base of operations to Houston and this crippled local merchants and other business in the area and many went out of business. When the Prohibition started the saloons closed. Then in the 1930’s the depression hit. It was in the 1960’s that people started resettling in the Spring area because of the oil boom. Merchants grew in the area and it became a favorite place for many shoppers. There are festivals and events that take place each year in Old Town Spring and the biggest is the Crawfish Festival.

Living in or near Old Town Spring is exciting. There are good restaurants, great shopping, and many unique places to visit. If you are considering a move to the area, call your local Real Estate Company to help you with your next move – Register Real Estate Advisors in Spring, Texas. We are just minutes from Old Town Spring. 281.288.3500.


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