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I visited a sellers home a few weeks ago that had antiques and crafts all over his home that were tagged for sale.A� So when prospective home buyers went through the house, they were distracted by the clutter and interested in what was for sale and how much the seller wanted for the pretty items.A� You do not want to turn your home into a secondhand store.A� When prospects come to view your home, don’t distract them with offers to sell items – not even those furnishings you no longer need – or you may lose the biggest sale of all.A� You want your home to be seen, not your family photos and pretty decorations.A� Yes, you want the buyer to see you’ve taken care of your home, but make sure they can see the potential of their furniture in your home and their paintings on your walls.A� The goal should be to sell your home, not have a garage sale beforehand.A� Listen to the experienced advise of your Realtor, because they know what helps houses to sell.A� If you do not align your goals with those of your Realtor, and visa versa, the best home could stay on the market for a very long time because the buyer just doesn’t see it’s potential. houses for sale clarina street lincoln kamagra hong kong how much arimidex should i take for gyno

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