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The faster you get rid of your debt, the more things you can do with your money. One way to make an extra payment work is to make one every two weeks. That result is 26 half payments instead of 12 full ones.
A gift of money or a bonus and or tax refund gives you another chance to pay some extra money toward your mortgage. Even a little bit more like $50 or $500 to each monthly payment is the simplest way to bring down the debt.
There’s also refinancing your loan for a lower payment, however you now may not be able to qualify for a new loan. To maximize the new loan, shorten the length of the term from 30 to 15 years. I have a great team of experts to help you with your mortgage needs. I would like to help you make your new home a reality that fits for you and your family’s needs, call 8323607320.

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