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Understanding how people form judgments and make decisions is key to knowing how to present a product to the market. We all make decisions and form judgments based on our visual perception of a product, environment, or situation. Visual perception is our ability to interpret information from our surroundings through the visible light that enters the eye, technically speaking. When talking about marketing and products, the resulting perception allows us to form a perceived value.

As sellers and marketers, we try to create perceived value through a buyersa�� visual perception. Now, what is perceived value? When our product makes a touch point with one of the buyersa�� five senses, immediately the buyer begins to form an opinion. Is this product attractive, of good quality, useful? Will it help the buyer to stand out or create the lifestyle they want? Although we could talk-up the features of our product, the reality is that customers buy products not for their features but rather for what they perceive the benefits of that product to be. An example I love to use when talking about benefits is a drill bit. When a buyer makes the effort to purchase a drill bit, what do they really want to buy? Is it the drill bit itself? Of course not! What they are truly buying is the benefit a drill bit will provide them, a drilled hole. So when selling property, we must ask ourselves, what are buyers really wanting to buy and how do we stimulate their visual perception and increase the perceived value of our properties? buy lotrisone cream medication cheap pills order lopressor 50 24 hour z pak delivery

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