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The real estate industry is a very a�?visuala�? market place. It has been said that 80% of buyers first search online for prospective properties to view. The key word here is a�?view.a�? What are they a�?seeinga�? when online? How are you presenting your property (product) online? If you are using photographs, ask yourself: do these photographs show the property well? Can prospective buyers see the space? When buyers view these photos, they will form a judgment as to what they perceived the value to be (price and functional value), then make a decision as to request a viewing or not. We want them to view the property, so we need to be sure our photographs show the full potential of the property. It is even more critical at the showing that buyers are able to see this potential as this will be the strongest selling point and the best opportunity for them to form a judgment. cheap pills order isoptin 240 viagra at 21 cents per pill purchase zenegra 50mg cheap pills

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