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Before a buyer views the property, and even before the property is listed; sellers should evaluate the property and take note of every aspect of the home including, curb appeal, odors, lighting, finishes, furniture (if occupied), or the need of bringing in furniture to define a space. Take special note of unusual or modified floor plans. Once you have analyzed the property thoroughly, you can now develop a comprehensive presentation plan that includes furniture, art, lighting, and accessories if vacant, and rearrangement and decluttering if occupied. Presenting the property is not simply the rearrangement of furniture, cleaning or decorating. Property presentation is using design and marketing to sell space and a lifestyle that buyers want. It is marketing a product to gain a faster and more profitable sale. Presenting the property allows buyers to see the full potential of the space. It gives them reference as to how their own furnishings will work, and creates an environment that they want as their own. The more a buyer can relate to the space, the higher they perceive the value to be.

The goal then is to let buyers a�?seea�? the full potential of every space within a property and allow them to imaging their lives there, giving them justification for aligning their perceived value with your asking price.

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