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A�Selling your home can cause potential anxiety about your personal privacy.A� With your doors open to a nearly constant stream of strangers through your home, you may worry that your personal information is at risk.A� Protecting your personal information is a top priority.A� Here are a few tips for protecting your privacy while your home is on the market.

A�Ask Your REALTORA� To Accompany Potential Buyers And Other People Entering Your Home

A�Some REALTORSA� allow buyers to walk through the property on their own.A� If you are concerned with allowing strangers to tour your home unaccompanied, let your agent know ahead of time.

A�Remove Your Mail And Financial InformationA�

A�Don’t leave mail sitting out.A� You don’t want your personal information made public, and you would be surprised what thieves can use to steal your identity.A� Also remove all checkbooks and banks statements and place them in a secure filing cabinet or lockbox.

A�Remove Personal Effects

A�From diplomas to wedding photos, don’t provide potential buyers with any personal information about yourself or your family.A� Depersonalizing is also an important part of successfully staging your home for sale, so removing these things will allow you to accomplish two things at once.

A�Don’t Leave Your Computer On During Showings

A�A professional identity thief can access personal information from your computer in only a few moments, so shut your computer off before buyers arrive.

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