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Mortgage rates are at their lowest points in 3 months! U.S. rates on fixed mortgages fell to their lowest point, as the government shutdown forced rates down. The average rate on a 30yr loan dropped to 4.32 percent last wk. The 15yr fell to 3.29 percent. Mortgage approval is possible without perfect credit. Potential buyers think they need to have perfect credit to get a mortgage and often don’t apply to purchase a loan for fear their application will be rejected. While the lowest mortgage rates go to buyers with credit score of 740 and up, buyers can qualify with lower scores. Some buyers can get conventional loans with a 680 score and 5% down. Lower scores usually apply for FHA loans, a 620 score faces a bigger challenge and must have a higher down payment. If a buyer pays attention to their credit and their debt verses income, preparing for a loan is key to making the process a success. Know your financial picture, in the mortgage world your distance from the edge is measured by your debt to income ratio. If you are ready to purchase a home and you need to begin this process I am ready to help you thru the steps to owning your next home! Please call me 832-360-7320. buy generic viagra in australia without prescription – australian cheapest drugs. online in australia you do not need to have the doctor’s … . methotrexate mg. buy tabs @ ?. methotrexate mg. methotrexate drug. methotrexate is a medicine utilized for treating cancer cells. although it’s readily available in …

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