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Did you know there is special financing available when purchasing a home in a rural area?  Also, when using a USDA Loan you may qualify for a 0 downpayment!  The USDA Home Purchase Program requires no mortgage insurance, competitive fixed rate mortgages, and the seller can pay seller concessions at closing.  This program can only be used on a primary residence.  The loan is restricted by geographic location, but you will be surprised how many areas are considered in the program.  For more information on how you can take advantage of this special program, contact RREA at 281.288.3500.  We want to help you purchase your next home!

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  • No problem, Frank! That’s what we do. Sending you an email now.

  • Frank LoGiacco

    I need to Talk with You about Selling House; Yes, I can see $ 114,000 I will accept $ $112.000 Please contact Me at My Home and we can Proceed with Paperwork:

    Note; In either case we will need a House: Rural : Homes concept is Interesting and acceptable :

    Thank You Frank LoGiacco:

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