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Exxon Mobile’s CEO made the big announcement.  There is a new campus being built near The Woodlands,
Texas.  If you are one of the employees that will be working out of the new campus you may want to start thinking about relocating to The Woodlands/Spring area. 

I have been a real estate investor for many years and when an announcement like this comes out I have seen in the past the housing cost increase due to similar changes. I understand completion of new campus isn’t until 2013/2014, but if you wait until than you will most likely pay more.  Now is a good time to buy a home in the area.  House’s in the area are still moderately priced.  Also summer is a good time to put your present home on the market. 

I would enjoy helping you with all your real estate needs.  To list your present home for sale or assisting you in finding your new home please call Dean M. Thornton @ 281-924-3032 or you can email me

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  • Courtney-Anne

    Hi Dean,

    I really like this website and found your contact information when looking up information pertaining to the Exxon Mobile campus relocation. My Dutch husband and I are having to relocate for his oil and gas job to the Netherlands but we have happily enjoyed living in Oakhurst at Kingwood. Our house is for sale now, but I wanted to ask some advice on how the Exxon Mobile would potentially impact Kingwood? We found Adam Ruehl (Gary Greene the Woodlands) to help but would like to know from this blog if there could be impact as well. I have not been able to obtain that kind of information yet this new year. I am trying to learn and use resources wisely. Thank you kindly, Courtney-Anne van Toor

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