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Right now, many people are renting instead of buying because of the recent credit crunch. Since interest rates are so low, some people are even choosing to buy a new house and rent their old one until the market gets better for selling. If you would like help listing your home as a rental or if you are looking for a rental property, I can help you find what you need. If you need help finding a place to rent I charge half a month’s rent for my commission. If you see a For Sale by Owner Home, you can still use your own Realtor to show you the property. It can be very uncomfortable touring someone’s home with the owner standing over you. Not to mention it isn’t safe knocking on someone’s door and entering a stranger’s home alone. I can show you the property and gather information on comparable houses in the area to make sure you offer what the property is worth, not what the homeowner wants it to be worth. I am the Spring area specialist. Out of 415 Realtors in the area, I am the only one with an exclusive market snapshot offered for the 77373 area. As your real estate professional, I can help you with all of your Real Estate needs. buy famvir no prescription buy flagyl gel online soft tabs viagra

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