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(Reprint of an Article from Houston Chronicle Real Estate Section for the Week of July 7-13, 2011)

Q:  What does a home inspector do, and how does an inspection figure in the purchase of a home?

A:  Home inspectors are hired by the buyer to look at the home with an unemotional attachment.  The electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems (mechanical systems) and the foundation, walls, roof and doors (structural systems) are checked to see if they are functioning as intended.  Code violations are also noted.  Wood-destroying inspection reports, which are completed by licensed pest control agents, look for termite, carpenter ants, wood-boring bees and other damaging pests.

Upon completion of the inspection, the buyer will receive a written copy of the inspection report.  If the home has issues that concern the buyer, the inspection can be presented to the seller.  The repairs can be negotiated, or the buyer can terminate the contract.  This is true in Texas as long as the home is in the option period.

The bottom line is:  Hire an inspector to protect yourself against the unknown.

By:  Jay Richardson, Register Real Estate Advisors, Spring/Klein
Jay Richardson - Register Real Estate Advisors

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