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Register Real Estate Advisors has partnered with Check A Pro to provide $25 gift cards to our clients and prospects.  If you would like a gift card mailed to you, please email with Check A Pro in the subject line and we will mail you a gift card.  Be sure to include your name and mailing address.  Below is an article from this month’s Check A Pro Newsletter.  It gives helpful painting tips!

Painting Do’s and Don’ts

Most homeowners will try to tackle painting at least once during their home owning
years, some more successful than others. To avoid a D-I-Y paint job gone wrong,
follow these do’s and don’ts!


DO take time
to prep the area. Take things off the wall, move things into different rooms,
wipe down walls, and tape off molding. Cover the floor just in case!

DO remove
all of the hardware – switchplates, doorknobs, drapery hardware, etc.

DO gather
everything you’ll need to get the job done and set up a paint station with a
paint tray, tape, brushes, rollers, rags,  screwdriver, ladder, etc.

DO calculate
how much paint you’ll need. It’s always better to buy more so the paint is
mixed at one time. If you get the paint mixed at a separate time you risk the
color being a shade or two different.

DO chose the
appropriate types of rollers and brushes depending on the surface and the walls
texture. Make sure you have an appropriate brush for trim work!

DO prime the
walls if going from one extreme color to another.

DO keep a
stash of paint for touch-ups. Be sure to label the container with the color and
brand name.


DON’T rush.
You’ll achieve the best results with patience.

DON’T paint out
of order. Start with the ceiling, then walls, then doors, then woodwork, and
finish with the floor.

DON’T paint
directly over wallpaper.

DON’T close off
the room. Keep it properly ventilated.

DON’T put off
cleaning your brush and rollers if you plan to use them again.

DON’T reattach
the lid without cleaning the rim of the can. To prevent inadvertent splatters,
place a paper towel or rag on top of the lid, then hammer secure.

The following do’s and don’ts were provided by HGTV. All Rights Reserved.


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