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When landlords need to find renters for their investment properties, they call me to list those properties so they can find prospective renters without any hassle.A� Sometimes they ask me to help them screen those rental applications.A� As a Realtor,A�it is not ethical for me to screen the applicants, only to present them to the landlord.A� The rental decision has to be that ofA� the landlord.A� However, if you are a landlord and have rental applications you need to screen before renting your property, there is aA�company that might be able to help you.A� I point my investor clients to Nextstep Tenant Screening located in Katy, Texas.A� This is a company that offers:

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They are members of Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax.A� If you need help screening for your rental properties you can contact them by email at buy haldol decanoate sales@nextstep-online.netA�or 800.516.0734.

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