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Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean it’s time to go dormant. Though winter is known in many circles as the “slow” months for real estate, the fact is, each year fantastic homes are sold at great prices. If you’ve been thinking about selling a home, here are several reasons you should warm up to the idea of selling now.

There are fewer competitors. While most homes are listed for sale during the Summer, sellers who are serious about selling will put their home on the market in any season. Buyer’s looking at this time of year tend to be extremely motivated. Their eagerness to buy quickly could score you a great deal.

Waiting could cost you. It’s never easy to predict when interest rates will go up, but even an increase of 0.5% will add thousands of dollars to a buyer’s costs over the life of their mortgage loan. This could make your home unaffordable in the future to someone qualified for it now. Consult with me to learn about pricing trends in your area before you sell. Many Sellers tend to wait to see if prices will rise further and often miss out on great deals. It’s better to say “I’m glad I did” rather than “I wish I had.”

Don’t wait, the buyers are out there and the current inventory of homes for sale is at a 10 year low.
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