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8-Day Window to Submit Backup Offer

Based on agent feedback and to reduce overall cycle times, changes are bring made to the short sale process. If it becomes necessary to submit a backup offer during a short sale, you now have a reduced window for making the submission. Instead of 14 days, backup offers must now be submitted within eight calendar days after the initial offer becomes invalid.

When a backup offer becomes necessary:

  • Contact your short sale specialist immediately.
  • Let the specialist know if you have a backup offer to submit.

Within eight calendar days, resubmit the listing data, submit the short sale offer, and upload the offer documents and supporting documents.  Any backup offer will require analysis and investor approval, regardless how similar it may be to the previous offer.

If no backup offer is available:

  • The short sale will be closed in Equator by your short sale specialist.
  • You should return to marketing the property.

You may initiate a new short sale in Equator when you receive a new offer on the property.

This information is primarily for Bank of America, but could be applied to other short sale situations.

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