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This is a great list for getting your home ready to market.  Before you sell, spring clean!  It will make all of your marketing and advertising photos look better, too.  Buyers love a clean and clutter free home with curb appeal! 

  • Remove and donate unwanted items, reorganize and clean closets, attic, basement and garage
  • Power wash exterior walls, porch floors, deck, patio, driveway and sidewalks
  • Clean outdoor furniture and outdoor light fixtures
  • Clean out gutters or have new ones installed
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer, making sure to vacuum the grill and coil
  • Remove lint from the hose attached to back of clothes dryer
  • Vacuum baseboards, walls and ceilings, wipe down walls
  • Steam clean carpets and area rugs and upholstery
  • Reseal natural stone surfaces (travertine, etc)
  • Reseal and repair grout in bathtubs and showers
  • Clean window treatments, dust and clean blinds and shutters
  • Remove items from all shelves, dust and clean
  • Oil hinges

If you need a recommendation for anyone to help you with this list, call me for a referral.  And when you are ready to sell your home, give me a call!

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