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April had lots of good Earth Day Events, like the one at the Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center!  During the Bio Blitz guests had the opportunity to receive guided tours from biologists and aquatic scientists on the 200 acre Spring Trails Preserve.  As a Realtor, I’m always looking for the gems in the neighborhoods, what’s available in our own backyards.  I live less than three miles from the facility.  The Nature Center teaches the public about our natural resources.  Everyone is into putting up fences-and here’s a greenway we can all use, that’s continuous.  As a Realtor I love to spread the word about things that many people  don’t know are even there!  “It’s incredible advantage to North Harris and South Montgomery counties to have such an incredible greenway,” Jennifer Lorenz, executive director of the Bayou Land Conservancy. “When you get into the greenway, you feel like you’re in the wilderness, and that’s unique for any urban area.”

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