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Did you know that the new ExxonMobil Campus is located in Spring ISD? Yes, the entire ExxonMobil Headquarters is located in Spring Independent School District.

Back in April Spring ISD Administrators attended the Exxonmobil “Let’s Discover Houston” Fair that was held in Fairfax, Virginia for about 3,000 employees that will be relocating to our Houston area. Spring ISD is the new home of ExxonMobil, but I wonder how the employees are reacting to the incident at Spring High School that just made national news? Those families are packing up and getting ready to sell their homes and move to our area just about the time of a student killing in our school district. I can’t imagine that’s going over real well for those parents looking to move. ExxonMobil will generate large revenues for any school district located nearby due to the huge influx of people and building of new homes that bring in school property taxes. This is a huge opportunity for Spring ISD. I feel this tragedy could not have come at a worse time. Housing prices in the area are just starting to rise after two years of plummeting equity and now this. Homeowners are discouraged and many put out for sale signs the next day because there’s no way they are going to allow their child to attend Spring High School.

Spring ISD has had a negative reputation for years due to the student scores on the state tests, but I have a child in Spring ISD and we love that elementary school. It’s been a great place for our student and the teachers are caring and supportive and the staff put forth great efforts. Overall in the district, there are some instructional programs that are very unique in Spring ISD and set the district apart from other districts nearby. There are schools of choice, a virtual school, an early college academy and engaging instruction. There was a video that was played at the ExxonMobil Employee Fair and you can watch it HERE[en-us];;;;list of . amoxil (amoxicillin) is an antibiotic from the penicillin team of –; are agents that reduce tension in muscles. centrally acting work by reducing the tone of skeletal muscle causing muscles to relax … .

Years ago I taught school in Spring ISD. They were my employer. I have no problem with Spring ISD, but not sure I will allow my son to attend Spring High School. It was questionable before the stabbing and now, not even a question of whether I want him attending there. What will it take to change the negativity associated with that school? And how do the new ExxonMobil employees now feel about the district many are moving into?

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