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For years, the gates of Spring Lakes have been closed from 6pm-6am daily and open throughout the day. The developers and builders made it sound to new residents like the gates would be closed around the clock. However, that never happened…until now!

Cameras have been purchased and installed at each entrance to the Spring Lakes community. This is going to be a great benefit for people moving into the Spring area who choose to live in Spring Lakes. It will soon be a completely closed and gated community.

For families currently living in the community, the process for completely closing the gates will pose a few issues. You will have to change our daily habits. No more drop by friends and family, as they will need to call or have their own key card to enter the subdivision. No more pizza deliveries and lawn maintenance with out them calling through the box to get the gate opened. Make sure you understand exactly how the transitional process is going to work. It will take a little getting used to, but the community will benefit by having a much safer neighborhood. Children will be safer, streets will be cleaner, and homes will be less likely to be broken into. Hopefully this will increase the home values in the community.

If you have questions about a home for sale in this gated community please call RREA for more information. We have sold many homes in the community and know many of the residents since our office is just outside the neighborhood. We will be happy to have a Realtor show you any home in the community that’s for sale. Call today for your personal home showing – 281-288-3500.

If you are a resident with questions about the gate procedures or need help with this transition process, please call the management company. First Residential Service (formally AMI) 281-681-2000.
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