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My office is next to a Capital One that has been robbed a few times. The last time I was in that branch I saw new protective glass had been installed. There are banks being robbed daily in our Houston area. When you go to the ATM, be safe. Here are a few tips:

• Know your surroundings before approaching an ATM and try to visit them during daylight hours
• Have your phone handy in case of emergency
• Don’t go to an ATM alone
• If there’s a door to the ATM, close it behind you
• Memorize your PIN number and keep it safe
• Stand between the ATM machine and anyone else waiting and shield the numbers with your hand as you enter your PIN Number
• Put your cash away immediately without counting in front of others
• Don’t complete your transaction if someone appears to be hanging around or you see anything suspicious
• If it looks like someone is following you, drive to the nearest well-lit, populated area and report the incident
• If someone approaches you and demands your money, just give it to them. Try to remember everything you can about the person and call the authorities
• Report lost or stolen cards immediately and any suspicious behavior around your ATM experience

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