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Stylish Trends for Homes in 2014

Wondering what the latest stylish trends are for homes in 2014? Check out the list below.

Paper wall coverings with metallic fibers. Accent walls are out.
Ceilings that are beamed or coffered.
Backlit areas where lights create space.
Colors Orange and shades of grey (no, not the book!)
Useable home office space without the clutter.
Upscale laundry rooms.
Kitchens with wine appliances instead of a wine room.
Architecturally designed backyards with shade gardens and outdoor kitchens. No plain sod!
Garages large enough for all the toys!
Indoor gas chandeliers and multiple light fixtures. Brass fixtures are out.
Nice intimate dressing areas. No dried or artificial flowers.
Showers with corner shelves and benches.
Get rid of the Persian rugs.
Buyers want to live closer to work to cut the commute times. They are willing to purchase smaller homes to make that work.

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